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All Renard Fire and Security employees are trained and certified to the highest standard to ensure you always receive excellent service.

Fire alarms and safety

Remote monitoring

CCTV and video surveillance

Gates, barriers, turnstiles

Access control

Service and maintenance

Intruder alarm

Public address/voice alarm

Workforce safety

Covid solutions

Fire Alarms and Safety

Remote Monitoring

CCTV and Video Surveillance

Gates, Barriers, Turnstiles

Access Control

Workforce Safety

Intruder Alarm

Covid Solutions

Service and Maintenance

Public Address/Voice Alarm

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Here at Renard Fire and Security, we always keep up to date with all the latest technologies and are pleased to be leading the way with fibre CCTV and access control networks in large buildings

Fire alarm systems

Commercial and industrial fire protection solutions and monitoring

Commercial and industrial fire protection solutions and monitoring

Fire alarm systems to protect your business

Most commercial and industrial premises require a fire detection system to protect life and property.

New system design and installation

If you are considering a full upgrade or would like a single “seat” operation with PC graphics, our expertise in system design is technology at its best. We offer a full installation service and all of our engineers are qualified and certified.

Technical information

If you have an existing fire detection arrangement and are interested in maintenance, we can inform you of the latest certified measures in full accordance with the latest fire standards. A typical system will include a combination of point heat and smoke detectors, flame detectors, air sampling devices and sounders. Increasingly, CCTV cameras can be used with specialist software to detect fires. We believe our products are amongst the best for performance, reliability and quality.

Our portfolio of fire solutions includes fire alarms, suppression systems, sprinklers, fire doors and fire extinguishers. When it comes to fire protection, Renard Fire and Security can do it all.

CCTV security systems

Commercial and industrial CCTV solutions and monitoring

CCTV systems to protect your business and property

State-of-the-art technology provides effective, powerful, secure, CCTV solutions. Renard Fire and Security designs are tailor made for your business. We will secure your site using network videos, cameras, video encoders, alarm information and video motion detection.

Technical information

CCTV images can be viewed securely using the internet, providing indispensable monitoring even at remote locations. Operating via your existing computer networks, TP network cameras and IP surveillance are flexible, professional observation packages that protect your business, your people and your buildings.

Renard Fire and Security offers both on premise and cloud-based CCTV solutions. Whatever your requirement, we have the solution to protect you.

Access control

Commercial and industrial access control solutions

Only the people you want in your business can access your business.

Access control and intruder protection are just some areas where Renard Fire and Security can secure your business. Using pioneering technology your system can be linked to the police or fire service, providing 24-hour additional security and peace of mind. Access control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site. This provides companies with the ability to protect their people, assets and property.

Technical information

Functioning as a standalone system or an online system, both access control methods can be connected to one operator station. Products range from tokens, smart cards, digital keypads, all the way through to biometric identification systems.

Intruder detection

Commercial intruder detection systems

We have the capability to design and install a system which may be completely monitored and controlled via a single PC. One employee can remotely arm and disarm the system, view history log and respond to alarms.

Intruder detection systems

Renard Fire and Security can design, install and maintain quality intruder detection systems for your individual needs. Most systems feature a control panel, where a wide range of detection devices are connected. The latest control panels offer a range of features, including the ability to connect to a local or network PC and arm and disarm the system via smart cards.

Retail outlets or offices

If you are considering a full upgrade or would like a single seat operation with PC graphics, our expertise in system design is technology at its best. We offer a full installation service and all of our engineers are qualified and certified.

External areas or elevations

External passive infrared protection utilises the intruder alarm panels, the CCTV system can easily be activated to automatically move dome cameras to “pre-set” positions.

Workforce safety

Emergency mustering and automated roll call

Make sure all your employees are safe and accounted for during emergencies and incidents.

Automated temperature screening and mask detection:

In a non-intrusive way, screen employees, contractors, and visitors for elevated temperatures and determine whether they are wearing masks.

No-contact employee identification:

Use advanced facial recognition to identify and authenticate employees.

Secure visitor management

Enable guests to complete health screening and preregistration before arrival and sign in using a QR code.

Lone working

Total lone worker management, reducing administration for your team and helping you create a safe environment for you workforce.

Virtual security guard

A virtual guard, sometimes called a remote guard, is a highly trained surveillance expert who uses technology to protect your property or properties. Rather than being physically present on a site, the virtual guard will monitor the feeds for multiple cameras.

Remote monitoring

We offer remote monitoring of your security systems: fire, intruder or CCTV. These specialist services greatly reduce the risks to your business and employees.

The risks we all face are continual, inconvenient and sometimes unpredictable. However, with security, CCTV and fire alarm monitoring the quicker a potential threat is identified, the better the chance of reducing the impact it has on your business.

With a wide variety of alternatives to physical man guarding, Renard Fire and Security can not only reduce the costs of having guards on site, but increase the levels of security across your site through state-of-the-art monitoring solutions.

Gates, barriers, turnstiles

Renard Fire and Security offers a full range of automatic, monitored, remote activated security barriers, gates, rising bollards and turnstiles to enhance secure access to your site and prevent intrusion from unauthorised personnel and rouge parking. We can design, install and maintain various systems to suit most budgets.

Maintenance services

Fire and security maintenance and training services

Good maintenance service and technical support is as important as the system design, quality of the equipment and installation. At Renard Fire and Security, we are there for you after we have completed the security project; we believe good service is essential to the integrity of your system. We provide maintenance and training for the following solutions that we install:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • CCTV and monitoring systems
  • Access control systems
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Intruder detection systems
  • Gates and barriers
  • Door entry systems
  • Public address/voice alarm systems


We believe quality training is the link between the operator and security equipment, running together in a smooth environment. In many situations, electronic security measures are being implemented to reduce guarding manpower. This is putting a greater responsibility on the fewer guards that remain looking after your site. We have designed a training program to train your employees in the operation of CCTV, Card Access Control and Integrated Systems. We offer the complete package, tailor made to suit your business requirements. From security guards to supervisors, we have years of experience in introducing complex security systems into action.

Public address/voice alarm

Public address and voice alarm systems allow safe and controlled building evacuation to be managed in the case of an emergency.

Clear voice messages can be initiated from the system to aid building evacuation. The systems can also be used to provide background music and paging system solutions.


State-of-the-art technology allowing intelligent control of all system elements. Our systems are flexible, easy to install, configure and expand using flexible expansion modules.

The solutions we offer are intuitive and have a variety of programming options that allow your building occupants to be fully protected.

Our flexible PAVA controllers and speakers provide a comprehensive solution to control the flow of building occupants in an emergency situation. They also provide background music and public address functionality for normal day-to-day operation.

Covid solutions

Thermal screening and facial recognition

Commercial and industrial facial recognition and thermal scanning solutions

Facial recognition and thermal screening

A recent study by McKinsey asserts that prioritising innovation today is the key to unlocking post-crisis growth. Whilst global crises pose significant and often indeterminable dangers, they also present us with opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives and the evidence is there to suggest that the repercussions will continue to be felt as we move forward, with subsequent waves of infection and new viruses posing a very real threat. In a recent survey of more than 200 organisations across industries, over 90% of business owners and executives affirmed this sentiment and expect the fallout from COVID-19 to fundamentally alter the way they do business over the next five years. More than three quarters of respondents agreed that the crisis will also create significant new opportunities. With a return to what we consider normality looking all the more improbable, it’s crucial to begin building the foundations for post-crisis growth in order to remain competitive in the recovery period. Therein lies the choice we face as businesses today irrespective of our industry.

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